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Podcast number one or sometimes you just have to start

Aktualisiert: 26. Feb. 2021

oct. 2018

I really don’t like talking about myself a long time or to be the center of attention. But than means this will be my challenge because I want to talk about mental health in a proper way. Year by year I spoke about it with poetic words and rhymes. But now it is time to not only talk around it but to be straight about

how you feel with mental illnesses,

how you can deal with them,

how I dealt with them,

that it is normal, not bad

and that there is no reason to hide your mental illness.

Years ago I got diagnosed with depression and after that with social anxiety while I stayed for three months in a mental health clinic.

Some of you may know me from instagram where I am @fakemaggy. In real life I obviously leave out the “fake” and to just let you know, I am 19 years old at the moment.

I will definitely upload this episode without editing it. Not beacuse I can’t or am too lazy, but because I kind of want to set a sign for you all. We all should dare to overcome our fear more and should care less about others opinion. Why not just do it?!

In this podcast „poetic mind“ with the creatively same name like my first book, I not only want to talk about my own story but about yours too. I want to show how different we all are and to explain the diversity of life. If you want to share your story feel free to write me!

In addition I feel the need to talk about poetry and creativity to stay true to myself and to inspire. I want to reach your soul and try to make you think. I want to teach and explain, to clear up and clarify. And maybe I even want you to think new.

BUT and that is important: everything I will say is my view, my thoughts and feelings or the things I researched. Nothing I will tell you about must be the same to you as it is to me. Always remember to rethink everything you listened to and to create your own opinion out of it. This, by the way counts for everything you will hear in life! Please never just follow something or do it without thinking about it.

To come to an end you hopefully will get two episodes per week. One big one and one tiny and short one.

The big, long one will be about mental health and life in general. The smaller one is going to be about art. I for example will read some of my poems from my book to you or you’ll get to hear some new ones. However this podcast shouldn’t be just about myself. I want to share your art, your words, your poetry or thoughts too.

So please don’t be ashamed to send me something! I’d love to read it and share it.

Email me or send it to my instagram @fakemaggy

Thank you so much for listening

you are wonderful!

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